This portal is part of the digitization and data mobilization initiative in the Northern Part of Western Siberia. It will host databases of biological collections of Yugra State University, as well as other universities, nature reserves and individual collections in the region. Further information about the project, description of sources of biodiversity data and ongoing programs could be found on the web site.

To browse a particular collection, select the tab from the top navigation bar. Details about the collections:

  • Fungarium of Yugra State University - collection of specimens of fungi, 5500 specimens
  • Mukhrino station bioportal - an extraction of biodiversity revealed in vicinity of Mukhrino Field Station of Yugra State University (currently about 2000 specimen of fungi available)
  • Elena Zvyagina Fungarium - personal collection of specimens of fungi by Elena Zvyagina (Surgut State University)
For more details about the portal please contact:
  • Nina Filippova, responsible for the content (
  • Dmitry Karpov, IT (
The project is supported by the INTERACT Virtual Access under EU-H2020 Grant Agreement No.730938.